2D Art

  • Conceptualize words, feelings, & abstract thoughts
  • Story-driven images
  • Light-hearted, rounded, and fun

Hero Images

Banners, posters, and header images. These vibrant images set the mood. I make sure the world within the illustration reaches beyond its borders.

ocean floor with colorful coral and a happy shark
under-water crepe shop
girl staring out the shinkansen window looking at Mt.Fuji
page divider illustration of the ocean waves and a crab waving at you on the sandy beach
Logistics of learning a language – focused on accountability and momentum moving forward
Sea kelp forest with sunken sailing equipment

People &


Who wants profile pictures as real photos of themselves when you can have sweet, illustrated versions 👀

Portrait illustation of sea-angel
Portrait illustation of Ty
Portrait illustation of Dalyn
Portrait illustration of Satoko


Adding a bit of color to celebrate making progress on learning Japanese at NativShark.

Einstein badge
Home badge
Commander badge
World-traveler badge
Monster-hunter badge
Chameleon badge
Sumo-wrestler badge
detective badge
Japaese investigation badge
Sentence-cleaner badge
Confident-traveler badge
Survival-phrases badge


There's never enough emojis to express all the emotions and occasions with.

Curious Chie emoji
Happy Chie emoji
Crying Chie emoji
Bronze profile picture border
Silver profile picture border
Kimono emoji
Snow-cone emoji
Tropical drink emoji
Shark picachu emoji
Puffer fish see-no-evil emoji
Cool sunglass shark emoji
Party cracker emoji
Shark sharing boba tea emoji
Shark smile emoji
Shark instructor emoji
Shark this tbh emoji
Shark valentine emoji
Shark flexing emoji