Chie Andersen

3D Art

  • Realistic texturing and materials
  • Focus on hard surface modelling
  • Softwares: blender, unreal engine, substance painter, unreal, photoshop, illustrator

Sewing Machine

A halloween challenge turned into a full project ^^

Front viewClose up of intricate design textured with alphas made in illustrator and textured in substance painter
Bottom plate shot showing wear and tear from use and ageBack view

Sci-Fi Mecha

An aspiration turned into milestone project.

reference art by Heng Z
Main side view of mechaCloser-up on legs
Zooming in on the headBack view

Detective's Desk

Small scene rendered in Unreal Engine

Detective's desk close up showing revolver, hoister, empty coffee cans, hand-held radio, and some papersHand-held radio normal map, occulusion map, and wireframe
Hand-held radio front and backRevolver renders

Tracer's Gun

Lunar Year Skin

Youtube Tutorial turned into my own texturing project

Hand-painted textures in substance painterWireframe viewOcclusion view

Pumpkin Monster

Monster made for a halloween walk-around game made in unreal engine

This one is fully rigged and did an idle animation in this demo game

Initial sketch of the pumpkin monster
Modeled, sculpted in blender, textured in substance painter

Personal Projects

Projects just for fun ^^

That classic still-life-look of a candle holder
High chair
Oni mask